Vitral d’arte

We devote ourselves to the fabrication and restoration of the traditional stained glass, vitro fusion, and glazed tile made by hand.
We also devote ourselves for more then 20 years to this magnificent art of working the glass in the traditional manner. We work the stained glass jointing the glasses by the color and patterns uniting them between with lead profile in H, welding all the dots that will meed welding, using bristles and enamels when these are needed.
In restoration, we are the most accurate to the original.

From all 4 corners of the world

We have works of art spread from the 4 corners of the globe, Portugal, Islands, Europe, Africa and other countries.

More than 20 years of experience

We value the quality at the best price, punctuality, dedication and professionalism.

It is believed that stained glass has its origins in X and XI centuries, in the East, where the conjugation of the glass colors starts to be used in manufacturing pieces to adorn ambiance. Besides from protecting it also provides light.

However, it was in the East that this art established, including it was adopted to reforce spirituality.

The coloring that the light acquires when it goes through the colored glasses it convey Peace and Imponence and for that matter, the magnificent stained glass art was absorbed  by the architecture.

Data shows that only in XIX century stained glass starts to dissociated from the thematic nature of religion for also to join in decorative usage.